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Public investmentand investment budgeting

Institutional context and fiscalorganisation in Belgium (by Luc Coosemans)

A few characteristics of Belgium

  • A small country 32000km²
  • Population 10,6 mln.
  • At the crossroads of Europe Socio-demographic change
  • Junction of languages and of people
  • Highly developed country
  • A very open economy


A short economic history

  • 1945-60: Marshall relief
  • Golden sixties: growth, expansion, newindustries
  • Seventies: instability, oil shocks, inflation,deficits
  • 1981-1988: devaluation, budget restrictions,end of traditional industry

budgeting of investment programmes (stienlet)

Institutional context – Mongolian delegation (17-05-2011coosemans

Medium term fiscal path – Mongolian delegation (17-05-2011)vanalme

presentatie_fvh_17mei2011 vanhorebeek

Presentation Mongolia May 17th Tom De Bue

vermeulen 17-05


Présentation D&A Moura 19-05

Survey of taxation – Mongolian delegation (18-05-2011)vanalme

The Collection of taxes management_demets_18052011

TOW&MYMINFIN_18052011 cappelier

V2 18-05-2011 – ENG- cassart

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Estimating tax receipts deloddere 20-05

Mongolian delegation May 2011

Presentation Mongolia May 20th Tom De Bue

Presentation Mongolia May 20th Tom De Bue

SDS cashmangement 2011